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Martin Luther King, Jr.
All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.

          Martin Luther King, Jr.


B.U.M. Bulletin

In the May edition of the B.U.M. Bulletin, we share photos from the Spring Membership Meeting, what you need to know about calling in sick, and changes that are coming to your longevity payment. [...more]

Contract Ratification Vote

The contract ratification vote is taking place May 18-29. CFCE members are eligible to vote in this election. Watch your email for insutrctions from Class Climate on voting in this election.

Spring Membership Meeting

Thanks to all the classified employees who participated in CFCE's Spring Membership Meeting on May 12 at Golden West College. [Photos]

Contract Brown Bag

Please join us to review and understand the many changes that have been negotiated to YOUR contract, including changes in professional development, reclassification, new professional growth leave opportunities, and much more!
[Meeting Info] [Summary of Changes]

Your 2015/17 Officers Are...

Your ad hoc Elections Committee is pleased to announce the completion of our 2015-2017 Officer Election. Because there were no competitive races we are able to complete and validate this election without the need for a ballot being mailed out. [...more]